Meet the Trustees

Meeting The Challenge

The trustees are the individuals who take decisions at the governing body of the charity, regardless of their actual title. All our trustees are committed to the Domboshawa UK Trust’s aims and values.

In addition, they have different skills, experiences, attributes and knowledge that has helped us grow over the years.
Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for this good work.

- Nehemiah 2:18

Dr Lucy Peppiatt - TrusteesDr Lucy Peppiatt

Lucy has bachelor’s degrees in both English and Theology. She completed her MA in Systematic Theology at King’s College, London, and her PhD through the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Lucy’s research interests are Christ and the Spirit, Charismatic theology, discipleship, and 1 Corinthians. She and her husband, Nick Crawley, lead Crossnet Anglican Church in Bristol. They have four sons.

Dr David Maxwell - TrusteesDr David Maxwell

David Maxwell is the Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History in the University of Cambridge. He has spent about 5 years teaching and researching in Zimbabwe. He has written extensively in this history of African Christianity and the history of the church in Zimbabwe. He is President of the African Studies Association of the United Kingdom. His wife Mandy is an Anglican Minister and they have two children.

Mr David Alderson - TrusteesDavid Alderson

David Alderson works for a market access consultancy, specialising in the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked in both the pharmaceutical and automotive industries, and originally studied engineering, before moving into more commercial and marketing roles after gaining an MBA from Cranfield.

Revd Malcolm J Pritchard - TrusteesRevd Malcolm J Pritchard

Malcolm Pritchard is a former secretary of the board and has visited Harare several times. He has learned much both from the local church and the College on each inspiring occasion and values the friendships forged there. He firmly believes in mission partnership. He lives in Uganda where he is a tutor at Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College in Gulu, training ordinands and lay leaders in the Anglican Church, and putting into practice those lessons learned in Zimbabwe. His special focus is on presenting the true Gospel, discipleship and spiritual formation. He is also a curate at Christ Church in Gulu and serves in the Diocese of Northern Uganda. He enjoys talking about Africa, music, writing, riding his bicycle and swimming.

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